Sep 29, 2009

ID cards

This is my first real project in my Intro to Graphic Design class.
It's mostly lecture, but so far it's pretty good.
Anyway, about the assignment!  We have to design 6 different ID cards for the school--let's just say that our current cards leave a little to be desired...
Anyway, while they all need to look similar there are different requirements for each.  There needs to be a Student, Faculty/Staff, a Library.  Also, we have to make 3 vertical designs: Security, maintenance and food service.
Feed back is lovely - it helps =)
This is due next week sometime so hopefully by then I'll have more finished designs posted--these are just my starters...

Oh, I took and edited the photo myself this afternoon. 

Updated 10/15/09
I just got my grade back this morning:  an A-!!  And professor Shaw said that I had the best use of color in the class, which is awesome!  And very encouraging, I have been very discouraged with my design classes.  This is still very new for me, and I'm not always completely positive how good my designs are.


Anonymous said...

Consider different colors in the background so it removes the need to have to read the "Title". We do that at Ford for our contract people. We can tell from a distance who's Ford and who's contract.

alex said...

Yeah, and I'd like to see the photo of the person be a bit bigger. It should be easily readable/identifiable at arms length.

Love the background.

Chocolate Lover said...

Dad (guessing that's you!):
Good idea, thanks! I'll talk to professor shaw about it and see what he thinks

The id photo has to be one square inch... or it would be bigger - I promise!
And thanks about the background - I took all but the library photo myself the other afternoon, and just edited them on photoshop to get the effect I wanted =)

Thanks for the comments!