Sep 24, 2009

Dear Homework,

Dear Homework,

If you died, I cannot say that I would mourn your loss at all -- even considering all the time we've spent together.
In fact, I would honestly say that you got your just reward. Keeping me from the social aspects of college life, sleep and sanity has made you a nuisance and I no longer enjoy your company--I do not believe I ever did.

I am sorry that things have to be this way, but unless you change your nature this is just how life will continue between us,


alex said...

Dear Katrina,

Please accept my apologies for interrupting your precious "life". Really? How times have you seen that episode of "Grey's"? that's right, it doesn't matter... they're all the same!!

What do I have to do to get your attention? I've tried sitting on top of your desk, surprising you by hiding under your laundry, strewn myself about on the floor. Everytime you look at me I can see the sadness in your eyes; don't you understand I just want to help you learn? (and drain all the life out of your soul... oops, did I say that out loud)

Anyways, the point is, I need you. You complete me:)

Sincerely, your homework

Hillary Bartoszek said...

This one made me laugh out loud LOLLOLOLOL! ha ha <3 much

Anonymous said...

Very funny!

sara luke said...

Oh, Alex beat me to it . . .