Sep 10, 2009

Artists Are Among Us - Show

These photos are of my piece in the art show!  Very exciting, I wish I could be there.  I didn't place but I'm okay with that -- the pieces that DID place are a little different to say the least and I am not altogether sure why they did place, but I would really have to see it up close and personal.  They were creative and unique to be sure, which always plays a big part in any contest.  The "Best in Show" piece was fantastic!  Well thought out, and I'm sure that it was very time consuming.
Anyway, mom and dad went to the show opening and took pictures for me.  I wish I could see it, but I'd rather not miss school.


Hillary Bartoszek said...

I want one! aw man :(

Ms.Lo said...

It was great!! You did a nice job, katrina.