Sep 21, 2009

Blond moments

I have a feeling that this blog will also become a vault where all of the stupid things that I do, and all the funny/terrible/sad/ironic things that happen in college.
I have had quite a few moments in the past two weeks where my blond-ness (that I unknowingly possessed until about 3 weeks ago) has shown itself in the most unreasonable manner.
To start off, we (the roomie and I) have a quote wall in our room now.  While we have a pretty even split written up there, I have noticed that most of the stupid/thoughtless comments that have been made in the day-to-day life of us have been mine!  I just make sure that I write all of Em's down so that I don't feel like such a loner

Saturday is a good example of my newly acquired blondness::
Emily was gone for the weekend and I was quite lonely.  Thankfully it was a good weekend for me to be roommate-less because the amount of homework I had was nothing to brag about.  So Saturday morning, I got ready for the day, went to breakfast and locked the door to my room.  This may sound mean, but I really needed to get this homework done and I knew that unless I locked all of my friends out it would never happen!  (Emily and I have a very social room)  I sleep on the top bunk in our room, and I really like to study up there too - it's just comfortable (extremely!) and out of the way.  
So I was studying Typography up there on this particular morning.  The door is locked, I'm readying large textbooks, eating chocolate, and the ladder is leaning against the bed (rather than being hooked on).  Then I decide that I have to use the bathroom...  
I am about half way down the ladder when it leaves me.  Completely.  So there I am, dangling from my bed.  Thankfully I had grabbed onto my bed so I did not fall all the way down.  I began to envision myself hanging off the side of my bed for the rest of the weekend.  Door locked, pathetically  yelling for my RA to come and help me down.  Then I realized that I could climb down quite easily by stepping on Emily's bed (which is about 2.3 feet under my own).
Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid and the ladder will never again rest on the bed.


Hillary Bartoszek said...

Oh Katrina i love you! <3 maybe you shouldn't lock the door when your up there :P

Chocolate Lover said...

Haha, I know! I will not do that again for a long time. At least not while Emily is away - I did some really stupid things this weekend!