May 25, 2011

The Princess Wanna Be

Last night I dreamed that I was Rapunzel.  My friends and family have compared me to her disney remake a few times, and I’m not exactly opposed to being considered the look-alike of a Disney Princess.  I mean, what girl doesn’t dream of being one?  Great adventure, perfect hair, cute little side-kick, and of course, the wonderful prince charming.

… Alright, maybe just me, but it’s also a great movie and still leaves me laughing and full to the brim with that fuzzy sentimental feeling (Though instead of the charismatic Flynn Rider at my side, I am able to enjoy the company of my dashing and comical Superman—something I wouldn’t trade).

You can doubthless image my disappointment when I woke up and found myself—instead of in a magical tower—in a lofted bed.  You know, the same one that I've slept in since I was about 8? (except when I'm in Arborshire)  Yeah, that one.  Not that I don't love my bed, but it is not very tall, my hair does not create a ladder down it, and prince charming was no where in sight.  My cute little pig "Tea-cup"(knitted for me by my lovely RA) didn't even join me in a spontanious song and dance.  Rather anti-climatic after the surroundings of my imagination...  There was also sun in my imaginary setting, something that has been seriously lacking in the real world since my return to conciousness. 

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