May 28, 2011


It has been a funny week—one with a few... repeats, shall we say?
Well I spent Thursday evening with Superman.  We watched "I am Number 4", which was suggested by my family.  As in, every single member (-Father) suggested that we see it.  And they liked it so much, that two of my siblings read the book.  So I was rather interested, and the boyfriend wasn't opposed, so I figured—why not?  So we watched it.
I screamed.
Okay, not really, but kinda, yeah... 
only a little! hah, I get really into movies and tend to root people on and jump at every corner.  So when the bad-guys come, I react accordingly.  Yes, I gave a few little yelps.
Anywho, I wasn't super fond of the 'bad-guys' and their enjoyment of torture.  Other than that, it was a little predictable, and very suspenseful, but not our favorite.
Then yesterday (Fri) I went to see Superman again in order to help him and his parents paint his apartment. And talk to his landlord about paint colors for her bathroom.
Now for the deja'vu part—ready?
I went home after painting yesterday and found my family watching (have you guessed yet?)  "I am Number 4".  Then, mom came in and asked me to help her pick out a paint color the next day (today).
I feel like this happened already...

Deja'vu! haha, though I changed it up a little today and planted flowers after helping mom and Sister pick paint colors — not a bad day :)  

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