May 13, 2011

The Power of The Attitude

There was an outbreak of the stomach flu in Arborshire the past two weeks—so bad that graduation was postponed a week!  When it first broke out there was no cause for me to worry, in fact I was almost entirely unaware of it until it began to cause the cancelation of non-academic events on Campus, including Midnight breakfast!  Heartbreaking? yes.  I was rather disappointed.
Anyway, in our housing unit, there was not much worry of the "plague", though a few girls did get it—it was largely in the underclassmen living areas, specifically those with the community bathrooms.  Gross, huh?  So we had no reason to fear the plague—until, that is, it struck home.

Hillary got the plague.

Yes, while I was at work, my roommate sent me a message to tell me that Hillary had gotten sick.  We screamed a little, and then Brit went on a cleaning frenzy as we realized that Hilly-Bee pretty much lived in our room, and thus, plague-like germs were in our living space.
Not okay.

Suddenly, I felt extremely tired.  This was not quite how I planned on spending my finals week.  And my stomach started to flip a little—I knew that I already had it.  When I got back to the room, turned out that my roommates weren't feeling so hot either.  Awesome.  A room full of sick college girls.  Emily spent the entire night in the bathroom, Britney couldn't sleep and I had a sour stomach.

Until, that is, Hillary came in the next morning and told us that she was only sick once, slept all night, ate breakfast and felt great.

Then we all felt fine, haha