Nov 23, 2009

Murphy — short

Alright, our final project for Typographic Design is headings.  We have to make 3 different headings, all from one of Murphy's laws—a short, a medium, and a long.
So this is my short as of right now.  It's very simple but I really like it anyway.

Update 12/11/09:
Just finished the critique—all of my headlines went over really well, I've been pleased with the outcome of this project :) Unfortunately, with this project the "don't mess with" didn't go over as well. The italic is 'too feminine', so I've played with it a little more and now it's simply bold text fitted in. The blue shadow was received really well which was nice :)


Diane said...

I know I always say this - but I'm saying it again anyways. I LOVE it. Seriously - you have become an amazing graphic artist!!

Diane said...

Oh - and what's that font you used for "don't mess with"? I love it.

Diane said...

Ok, I'm looking at it closer...his feet bother me. Just a thought.

Ms.Lo said...

WOW. Love this. When I told Dad the assignment was to do something with Murphy's Law, he couldn't stop laughing.

Still laughing.

You've come a long way, baby.

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks Diane!
Off the top of my head I think "don't mess with" is Goudy Old Style in italics.
Classic, clean lines—We're good friends right now.

And I have noticed the feet... I'll be working on that tomorrow :)
Thanks for all the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Be afraid, be very afraid... Actually it reminds me of my golf game, though that's called a Mulligan (any thing and everything goes wrong when I play).