Nov 15, 2009

Christian Photography

Here are the first examples of my photography this semester. I've been using black and white film—SLR camera. This assignment requires that we take 2 Christian photographs and take them to class for a large critique. The photos also have to be around 8x10"—we can crop, no worries. The one of the knees in the grass is actually 5x10", and the photo of the lamp is about 8x9".
I'm really, really hoping that a Christian message is evident. I don't think of any of my art as 'non-Christian' because I am a Christian! So this assignment was very difficult. Trying to convey a Christian message more obviously...
Feedback is appreciated!


Diane said...

So tell....what did they say at the critique?

Tell me - are you class critiques really critiques? When I took a class last year it was sort of like the teacher critiquing in front of everyone else.

I mean - no one else ever said anything. Just the teacher.

What are yours like?

Chocolate Lover said...

Our critiques are like that sometimes, but very rarely.
Partly because we all know each other well enough that we're not too shy about speaking up.
Sometimes we'll even split up the pieces for a critique and write out an entire page on it (what I did on Friday).

Shaw usually has us critique a piece and then jumps in here and there. But all in all, the critiques come largely from fellow classmates.