Dec 5, 2009


Third and final "Murphy's Law" headline—the long one!
Played with shadows both in the figure, the photo and the text itself. Trying to convey the feeling of failed invisibility—and hopefully still legible!
Feedback?  This series is due on Friday (11th)

Updated 12/11/09:
The critique for this project was this morning (about 5 minutes ago). This one went over well though it is probably the weakest of the bunch.  Professor Shaw commented on the repetition of the cast shadow in the text (normally something that Graphic Designers try to avoid) not only in the figure but along the entire edge of the image.  The color also was a plus—Nothing on purpose, just the color of my living room wall


SiSi said...

who is that gorgeous model??

Ms.Lo said...

Oh my, that pic is GREAT and I love what you did with it (shading and disappearing letters). The only problem i see is that you need some punctuation between phrases. I think I'd use "..."

The chances of seeing someone who knows you... are greatly

Or a comma will do.

Kulio said...

Cute model!!!!

The fade-out on the letters is great - her expression conveys it all and I like that she's looking towards the words.