Aug 18, 2011

Photo Frenzy x2

Something that has been popular off and on over the past few weeks is minnow catching.  Some attempts are more suscessful than others—below is Jackson's take on the sport.
 He did not catch a thing, but he sure had fun with it!

Our theme this week is "celebration", and we had 2 pinatas today :)  Or as Tyler called them "Pananas" (pronounced like 'banana' with a 'p'), and that is what they have been called ever since he first said it this morning.  Pinatas just might always be 'pananas' to me from now on—Mexican or not ;)

We went for a speed-boat ride on Monday!  Tyler was super excited and kept talking about the "peed boot" even after we had left it :)  Dave, the director, took us on the ride and that was just great.  Where else will you have the director of the entire camp take some time out to spin kids around on a boat?  And they loved every minute!

We also had a chance to take the kids to the zip line 2 weeks ago and again this week! THEY LOVED IT! haha, but for all the talk and begging that they did before the zip line, I was surprised how SILENT they were on the way down!  And most of them had little petrified smiles on their faces (if they even showed that much emotion).  Even I screamed the first few times down!
But after all that fun, we had to have a group shot—and their true colors came out again. There is no such thing as a 'normal' photo with these kids :)

More photos later—too tired to edit now...


Hillary said...

These are great! They made me laugh :) The little kids are sooo cute! Looks like you have had an amazing summer, I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Ms.Lo said...

Those minnows don't stand a chance!!