Aug 17, 2011

Birthday Wishes

My birthday was this week—I turned the "big" 2-1.
It was a very different birthday for me this year—I spent it away from home for the first time, and I found that super weird!  I love camp, and the people I work with / the campers, but it was still really strange!  It didn't feel like my birthday, even though Tyler was yelling "It's Twina's birf-daa" all through lunch, I was sung too, I even got a cake(!) and my Email was so full of well wishes that I was overwhelmed!  But in so many ways, it was a normal camp day—I was usually taken a little by surprise when someone would say "happy birthday" to me! lol  But it was really great, and I felt super loved :)  Mom came out to camp and took me to dinner, which was awesome.  We had a chance to talk just the two of us, and I think I really needed that.

I think my favorite 'gift' was getting to spend the weekend with Todd and my family!  I know, it sounds so "cliche" when I say that was the best gift—but it really was!  I was so upset when I thought I would have to miss out on that because I was so sick, but thankfully I was feeling just fine by Friday and I got to go!  And it was absolutely wonderful!  Just to get away from camp and enjoy the company of my favorite people (and eat lots of fudge of course! lol)

Exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

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