Aug 18, 2011

Trends and Loose Ends

Wow, only 2 more days of ADC left... I can't believe it.

But, at the same time, I'm ready to be done for a while!  I love camp, and I have loved working ADC, but it's time for a break.  It's too lonely out here when everyone else is gone...

But something that came to my attention this morning is the movement in trends.  I'm sure it's like this at a typical school, but I'm not around that so much and was caught by surprise.  The beginning trend was coloring.  We had coloring pages and everyone—I mean EVERYONE—did a coloring page each day.  That trend soon moved to playing cards, and I have played more rounds of "Go Fish", "Garbage" and "Slap" than I ever care to play again!  But they eventually moved past that and Pokemon cards made an appearance.  Waa??

Yeah, that was strange.  Something that was popular when I was in elementary is now the popular topic of conversation and play for my campers.  Strange. (photo above is of some sort of battle / trade involving the cards)
While Pokemon hasn't truly died, it too has been pushed to the side, and fort building has taken it's place.  There are numerous forts built every day—and they are starting to bring blankets and beg to use our towels to make bigger and better forts!  It's nice that they can entertain themselves (as we begin to feel burnt out), and some of the designs they come up with are pretty creative!
Below is a picture of Noah in his fort from today as well as the large fort that some of the other kids built today.

But we're very much reaching the end.  I can already feel myself turn over and begin to think of school.  A mixed feeling of dread and excitement.  I'm not looking forward to being super busy again (of course, I've been busy all summer, so a break will be very welcome!), and I'm not too thrilled to be returning without some of my dearest friends.  After a lonlier summer, the thought of being lonely at school has me crippled.  I know I have plenty of friends in Arborshire, but something's still missing.

Wow.  Last 2 days.

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Britney said...

You still have me and that's really all that matters :]lol. I will visit you often!