Jan 19, 2012

More Typographic Play

After posting my potential Tshirt design for the Arborshire, I was asked to draw up something similar for SBC if the school ended up going with a different design.  Unfortunately, I have no idea if the admissions team will select my design, and I will not find out until the end of the month—if then.  So I started to play in a different way to at least keep the juices flowing :)
Here's the result:

I like it, but mostly because I had fun with it—especially adding "Fred the Buoy" and the A-frame into the mix! :)
Even if 'the boss' does not want to use this design, I should be able to use it for my Advanced portfolio, so I don't regret the time spent in the least!

Feedback welcome—readability? It's always hard for me to know for sure sometimes.  After all, I should be able to read my own writing!


sara luke said...

LOVE IT! I'm sending the link to Kyle. :)

Ms.Lo said...

Yeah, no trouble reading it. Love the camp-y summery feel!

Melanie {adorkable life} said...

Very cool! Nice work, Katrina!