Jan 7, 2012

"I Try To Be Good Enough..."

This past semester was really rough, and in case you didn't realize it at the time, you can take a look back at my blog posts—all... what? 3 of them? Yeah, didn't even have time to THINK about posting until the semester was over.

But regardless of the stress that has attacked my face with it's favorite weapon: acne; and took so much of my time that I lost weight, and basically made me realize that sometimes, you can't read all of the material or do everything that anyone asks you to do (*pause for deep breath*), it ended very well and all of the hard work really paid off.  Despite the good ending, I am not ready to start this again.

I'd rather plan my wedding and do other fun, girly things!

Anyway, it was a rough few months (until December, which was GREAT), and this song (and one other that I will share later) seemed to pop on the radio whenever I was having one of my "how on earth am I going to do all of this??" panic moments.  A great reminder that I am not on my own.

Hope you enjoy it, I sure did :)


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