Jan 11, 2012

Hardwork, Paying Off

Here is a grouped project that I did last semester—and probably my largest success, outside of a brochure that I made for a bank that locks! :)
After my professors saw it, one of them told me that if I had entered the version with the woman on the cover, it would have deserved first place in the end of semester show!
Wow, I'm not sure if it would have, but I'm glad that they like it as much as I do :)

The idea behind these (fictional) books is that one is marketed towards male audiences, and the other towards female audiences.  The type of book is similar to a Les&Leslie Parrott (not exactly in the "marriage" field, though it could cross over), or an John&Staci Eldredge style.

The book for females:
And the book for males:

I'm pretty happy with them, and very excited that they were received so well by my professors.  I wasn't finished in time to put them into the end of semester show, but my senior show (hopefully soon!) will feature these two pieces.  The book publishing logo is also mine.

Also, something funny—I like to put little hints towards my personal hobbies in my designs, see if you can find a clue to one of my favorite books in this design... :)



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Britney said...

Clearly it's...pride and prejudice :) Yep, i'm that good! lol!