Sep 7, 2012

Something New

I have officially started a new chapter.
A new step.
A new adventure.
A new blog.

Don't worry, this one will continue (and hopefully with more dedication than recent months...) but I have one specifically for my new adventure in teaching elementary art.

Yep, that's right—teaching.
Not what I was trained to do, or what I originally wanted to do, but I have completed my first week and I already love it.  I am only part time, which gives me some time to work with the freelance jobs that are continually making their way into my crazy new married life!

But there are many wonderful things about this new opportunity—like the fact that it is at the same school as my Superman, so we can ride together each day!  I also am able to continue working with the XC / track team that he coaches.  Because it is only part time, I can pursue my passions in the professional art field without the pressures of a corporate office job.  AND! I get to work with children each week!  There were other areas to weigh along with the above mentioned, but after a weekend of praying and talking it over, Todd and I decided that this position would be better than my other job prospects—at least for the time being.

So take a look at my new blog by clicking on this link: HERE, or by following the link I have posted in the tabs above :)

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