Oct 23, 2010

Show Biz

Another day, another show.
Well, two right now actually. I am preparing to enter two upcoming shows—both of which will not take place until January, but the deadline for entries is fast approaching. As I've mentioned before, I am required to enter 3 outside shows before I graduate. It is suggested that I take a local (check), a state show(check), and a national show. The next one coming up is a national show, so the likelihood of me making it in is not very high, but I'm going to try anyway—it's not as though I would be doing it for no reason! As a result, I have a total of 3 shows this semester. As though I wasn't over loaded enough! hah
So I am getting the national show set and ready tonight. For a fixed fee I can enter 2 pieces so that's what I'm going with. I will be entering the chalk drawing of George White and my texture study of the Old Lady. George because I believe it is one of my strongest pieces, and the Old Lady because I still like her, and it's something different and will hopefully stand out somewhat. We'll see!
I will be notified in December, so stay tuned for an update—and hopefully an exciting one!

Unfortunately I did not get into the show—totally bummed. But, this is a national show, and it is the first show that I have not successfully gotten into since before my high school years. Disappointed? Yes, but not devastated, or even very surprised. The competition was stiff, and it was a long shot, but I will probably enter the show again next year. I will have better work and a better shot :)

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Diane said...

Those are wonderful choices - I love them both and can't decide which one I love more. The old lady has heart, character....and George is technically complicated and beautifully done. Nice!