Oct 24, 2010

AC logo—finished

Here's the final product. As you can see, my previous brainstorms came up pretty empty! haha, but at least I finally found out what worked (sort of...). I was really excited about this piece, because both myself and my professor liked it and we worked out some of the issues that I had with it. But during the critique on Thursday it was revealed that my classmates were less than thrilled. Actually, I got very little positive feedback. Almost none. It was pretty pathetic to see my professor try to defend me. So yeah, talk about frustrating. But hopefully because I was able to satisfy the customer, I will end up with a better grade. Update soon hopefully!

Updated: 10-26-2010
I got an "A"!!! And it is up on the work of the week board!
I'm super excited, haha—I needed this ego boost


Diane said...

Oh wow - this is really cool. I like it so much better than your brainstorming ideas - the shading is nice.

LOVE it - I agree with Dr. Shaw this time.

Joann said...

Ok, I have no real knowledge on graphics, but I know when I like something and I really like this!! Honest!

sara luke said...

Yay! Congratulations!