Nov 4, 2010

New Toys

My parents (who are absolutely wonderful) bought me a huge box of colored pencils! And not the very thin—the beautiful oil based pencils :]
Unfortunately I have had a mix of timidity as well as a lack of time (since classes started), and have not had a chance to use them until this past Sunday night.
But I couldn't resist on Sunday—I had to break them out.
And then I fell in love. They flow so beautifully—I just love using them! This is the result of my first experiment—working off of a picture of my friend's youngest boy that I stole. Probably not the wisest selection of photos, but I wanted the 3/4 view and this was the best one I could find on short notice.
I do like it, but I had so much fun doing it that that might have tainted my opinion... I have gotten some good feedback thus far, but unfortunately my professors think it's creepy! I was a little surprised, but I guess I can get over it, haha

Critique welcome of course (I already know that the wings of the nose are too small)


Diane said...

Oh my word - that's amazing. The color is fabulous!

Diane said...

Looked at it favorite part is the ear. And the little wrinkle on the back of the neck.