Nov 12, 2010

Little Heart Throb

Highlight of my day: playing with a 3 year-old. This week has been rather stressful to say the least. And it looks like the rest of the semester will be similar, if not worse. But God is good and will provide—how can I doubt that when He has provided so much for me already? But I digress, I was able to escape a little bit of the stress this afternoon by spending time with little Jackson Luke. He was with one of his babysitters who lives in the building next door—but she is a dear and let me know about it before hand so that I could come over and visit! So we ran around the 'train tracks', ran away from bears, tigers and lions, played hid and seek tag (3 different versions), discussed Operation Christmas Child boxes, looked for and at his fliers and used the word 'why' in every sentence.
After running, swinging, tickling, whispering, jumping, giggling and running even more I was exhausted! But my spirit was refreshed and I have been a little more motivated to do some homework this afternoon.
I love that boy :]

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