Nov 14, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

PhotoShop project. We had to do a merge of two or more photos (I did 3) in Adobe PhotoShop. The major concerns were light—same strength and direction—and quality. The hardest part was finding images that would work! After that, putting it together wasn't too hard at all. Hopefully the merge was successful—obviously the goal is to make it appear as though the final product actually happened.


Ms.Lo said...

I don't know squat about photoshop, but I love this pic! So cute.

Diane said...

Hee hee - I think its pretty cute!

Do you ever go to PhotoshopDisasters? Its funny.

Chocolate Lover said...

Apparently the clouds (that I did NOT photoshop at all) look cut/pasted and the tree-line along the top of the mountain makes it look outline-ish
*sigh* rough crowd!