Oct 16, 2010

Logo — Art Center

In my GD class this week we are creating logos for the art center. Not as easy as it should be! Here are some of my thoughts, I'm not completely sold on any of these concepts so I would really appreciate some feedback :)


Ms.Lo said...

Ok, I like your thinking on #1, but it took me a while to see the "art" in the bldg. I love the brush in the bldg, and think that along with a scripted font (that looks painted) would look great.

I like the a and brush on #3!

I wish I knew something about this, sorry if I'm giving bad feedback.

Ms.Lo said...

#2 actually looks good to me, it's just boring. What if you swapped out the big A with a Venus sculpture silhoette or David or something?

Probably a dumb idea, but trying to stir things up.

Chocolate Lover said...

Actually I was starting to think along those lines myself (#2).
But did you catch the trick of the eye? Bethany caught it right away, so I was hoping it was obvious enough, but she's so used to my style! hah
Look closer at the 'a' in #2/3. Remember that I used "Art Center" instead of "Art Department"

Hillary said...

oh yeah I see the a/c thing for art center! I like number one with the art symbol too! and the paint brush in number three. I like that number two is bold and easy to read even small.

Ms.Lo said...

Oh, I didn't catch that at all. Doh!

alex said...

LOVE #2!! It popped out right away. 1 & 3 you had study a bit to get it, but i thought 2 really stand out. It's also stronger, which i like.