Oct 18, 2010

Bugs in the Night

Last night was rather eventful.
Mandie went out for the evening and didn't get back until around 12:30am after the rest of us were asleep —Now as a little back up, I am in the habit of gasping and jumping every time an alarm goes off— Anyway, as Mandie was waiting to fall asleep, Britney's phone rang once, causing me to jumped up, gasp, and turn on my light.
Now for my side. I don't remember the phone ringing at all. I distinctly remember seeing a bunch of gnats or some sort of bug fly up from Emily's bed over to the wall next to my bed. I turned on the light so that I could kill them, I adjusted the light so that it would not wake up my roommates. Mandie asked if I was okay and only then did I realize that there were no bugs... I was too tired to do much other than say that I was okay, turn off the light and go back to sleep.
Mandie and I talked about it today and yes, I was sleep walking. Sort of. haha, I clearly remember everything except the phone! Mandie thought the phone was mine and I had gotten bad news. We've been laughing about it all morning and keep re-enacting it for our own amusement.

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