Mar 28, 2010

George White, the Skeleton

This is my super-creepy-skeleton. His name is George—he used to be alive and living in India, but now he stands in our classroom. We have recently given him a last name: White (credit to Bethany A), and I believe he stands a little taller now that he has gained this new social status!
Anyway, this is my latest drawing piece—it was done with chalk and white and black charcoal on black paper. It was a BLAST, but it took a long time. I have estimated it to be around 20 hours, but I lost count after a while.

All credit goes to God—especially with this piece. The first day I just couldn't do it. My hands were completely useless... I remember running back to my room after about two hours and just breaking down. I prayed and told God that I couldn't do it (like He didn't already know... psh) and that it was entirely up to Him. Once again, I had to give my work over to Him. My talents don't belong to me—the only thing that I can do is dedicate my time, and give Him the glory!

I was given an "A/A-/A" on this piece... I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I can live with it. I was given something to improve on, so hopefully an updated (and better quality) photo will be up shortly.
Possibly a show piece in the near future... we'll see :)


Ms.Lo said...

Great job! It certainly looks like an A to me!

B said...

this is awesome Katrina, (the piece and the post) and i was pleasently please to see a little throw out to me :)

Diane said...

This is amazing, Katrina. Just amazing.

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks everyone—that means more to me than you'll ever know!

Anonymous said...

Yo Dude,
Puts some clothes on!