Mar 23, 2010

Word Project

This was my first project for Graphic Design 1:
We were instructed to select a word and then use typography in order to make that word into the thing or action that it represented. I chose "crown" and used a script style font as a base for creating the little girl's crown. The original piece was a drawing (bottom) and I spent an entire weekend stippling, only to find out that we were then going to convert the entire thing onto Illustrator (by hand, no cheating). Well, after almost dieing, I was informed that another classmate and myself would not be forced to do the entire project again on illustrator—but the majority would be required.
Professor Shaw said that I would not have to entirely match the hair as long as I could recreate a similar effect (easier said than done) and that the face could consist of line rather than stippling.
So after another long week of work I was able to recreate my drawing on Illustrator (top).
For the original illustration I received an "A-", marked down for inconsistent style in the figure. The Illustrator recreation was given an "A"(the main objective being an identical copy of the original—focusing on the word).

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