Mar 15, 2010

Thanks... sorta

God always works out the little things. Sometimes I am entirely shocked by His ability to plan everything out. Over the past year and a half (basically my entire college career), I have really only been sick over breaks! Aside from a few small colds, I have only been sick once while at school, and it was the day before a break (and then I was sick all of the break).
As convenient as this arrangement has always been in the long run, it isn't very much fun! I'm sure my family cannot remember what it is like to have an older sister around who is not too ill to do much more than move between couch and bed. I also take over the tv, which is the highest offense known to man!
But it is nice to know that I will be rested up by the time I have to head back—though it would be nice to go without illness for a little while longer... :)

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