Jun 15, 2008

Large Magnolia Flower

This is a picture I took of a Magnolia flower (the same Magnolia tree that was used in other photos). I loved it -unfortunately my feet were in the shot and I didn't notice until I had left. But now, thanks to my favorite person EVER, the feet are now gone and this photo is lovely :)


Diane said...

This is gorgeous. Check your Mom's email.

Chocolate Lover said...

You're my favorite Diane! Thanks =)

Diane said...

Oh my word - favorite person ever????? You have totally made my day!

I need more photos or your Mom....I don't quite know what she REALLY looks like. I've seen a few cute, smiling but posed photos. Take a couple of the real her for me, ok? Then we'll call it even.

Love your work - can't WAIT to see what you do next.

Anonymous said...

HEY, just realized I was the subject of this conversation!


--Lori (Mom)
I need a new Blogger ID. It comes up Football Dude.