Dec 16, 2010

50's Phenomenon

The final portfolio piece for Graphic Design 2! A book cover design in PhotoShop. I had so much frustration with this piece—I had to do it 5 or 6 times! My photoshop files kept giving me trouble :(
Anyway, we were given a list of 3 titles and the rest was up to us! The only requirement was that it be done in PhotoShop, and that it be obvious that it was created in PhotoShop. I wanted the design to hold together when the front and back of the cover were both seen at the same time, so the large "1950" was the beginning of this piece, then I researched and found photos of significant events / fads from the 50's in America and added them in.


Ms.Lo said...

This one was SO good. Really enjoy looking at the collage of photos.

Hillary said...

I love all the pictures and the BIG 1950's idea.