Feb 8, 2011

Humming Choir Logo

My latest project :)
Pure play.
Well... that's how it started anyway.
I had so much fun with this piece and, thankfully, my critiques really liked it too! I got only good reviews on this project.
It's a logo design for a classical children's choir. I started off with the top hummingbird image. My roommate and I were playing around with Origami for a while and it's kinda stuck with me! Adding the sheet music design just became the icing on the cake—and though it won't work for all forms of publication (thus the variations), it adds something unexpected—something that hasn't been done before.
I really battled with the typography. I wasn't sure if I should go with something to mimic the origami folds, or if I should go with something more readable and sophisticated. I finally ended up with my favorite sans-serif font (don't ask why, but I like it and use it all the time), with a little modification to create a visual hum. And despite the battle, I think it turned out really well!
Anyway, I'm tickled with how it turned out—hopefully my other future critics will like it as much as my classmates and instructor did tonight!

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Ms.Lo said...

STUNNINGLY beautiful.