Jul 10, 2011

Family Camping

Family camp is here!  Which is why I have had absolutely NO time to post anything, but there will be more soon :)
ADC starts again tomorrow, so this post is going to be extremely short so that I may go to bed at a semi-decent hour tonight.  I'm ready to see my kids again, but I'm also very ready for a break.  Like, I'm REALLY ready for a break!  Whipped out from the past few days of constant activity—but my routine will be back soon!  Yay!  Things are still a little mixed up because the room that we usually use for ADC is currently being used for a nursery / craft room for the VBS.  Talk about confusing!  Now we have to jump between hoops and try a different routine until Wednesday.  (Oh, and did I mention that Family Camp is Wednesday-to-Wednesday this year?  Well, it is, and it's kind of throwing everything off.)

I love family camp.  I really do! And I love the fact that I have been able to be with the other staff for a while, but I am stretched much thinner this time around.  NO time to check Email or do any planning or do anything other than run from one activity to the next.  This is my official apology to those whom I have neglected—I love you, I'm just too crazy right now!  Hopefully this weekend <3

The picture is from the Family Fun Fair that we have every year!  This time it was in the middle of the week and we had some of the youth pastors get into a dunk tank!  So funny—especially when Kevin started reading the newspaper as his youth group tried to hit the target and knock him in.  It was priceless fun!  I've missed him, so seeing him and his wife Melanie again added some extra fun to the week.

I've also had more time to spend with the dashing Superman, which always adds some fun to my life—thankfully my bosses are wonderful, and scheduled us to work some of the same activities together this week.  Yay!

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