May 13, 2012

Undergrad, check!

Today I did something very new.
I walked across a great big stage in a large amount of blue fabric, some yellow cords and a square cap, surrounded by tons of students in similar attire.
I graduated!

I can't really believe that it's over—4 years, gone!  It was really a strange experience.  I can't say that I really grew emotional like I would have thought.  It was almost as though my brain mostly turned off and only allowed me to go through the motions.  When my name was called and I walked across the stage to shake the president's hand, I couldn't hear anything else—not even my family cheering!

It is a really weird feeling.  11(+) art shows later, but I finally made it. And I'M ALIVE!
I wish I could soak in that feeling, just spend a few moments to recognize how truly awesome it is that God took me through this, a few seconds to think over the excitement of what lays ahead, or smidgen of time to think back over the good times and the laughs...
But unfortunately ( or fortunately), I have a whole lot of packing / unpacking to do so that I can GO TO ITALY! woo

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