Oct 21, 2012


A lot of difficult adjustments have been made over the past few months.  Sitting in my 3rd–going–on–4th month of marriage, my 1.5 month with my new job(s) and heaped in as much crazy as I can cram into my planner, it has been just as challenging as it has been exciting.

The biggest struggle is not really knowing anyone in the area.  When I moved in, I knew my husband, our landlords (who are great, by the way) and 10 people that Todd worked with (and only 4 by name).  Though the circle of my acquaintances has grown, deeper friendships have been slow to come.  But between our schedules—work, cross country, freelance, Todd's grad class and more cross country—there are not a lot of opportunities for us to spend time with people our own age.

The hard part is that even if we did have time, we don't have those friendships in place yet to even take advantage of...  Though I am getting to know the teachers who I work with, it is slow going.  I don't work very closely with any of them and my lunch hour is different every day (of my 3 days there) so I rarely see the same teachers each day.  However, I am getting to know them, slowly but surely!  And I have the most wonderful husband to spend time with—really, he has been an answer to even the smallest prayers in so many ways.  I depend upon him a lot, and I love him bunches.  I also love him enough not to expect him to fulfill all of my needs—even my people needs.  And I need more people than he does! lol

I would feel a lot more pathetic if it wasn't for the fact that these girls are really wonderful.  Above is a photo of some of the cross country girls and myself right before one of their races.  I love them, and will miss them a ton next year (those in the pictures are seniors this year).

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