Jun 12, 2009

Animal friends

We've had a few interesting run-ins with the animals around the neighborhood this week. The first is this chipmunk - a white one! We figured we'd never see him again, but we have seen him run around since I took this picture.
The second run-in was also a chipmunk. But this one was dead. The neighbor cat killed and left a half-eaten carcass on our driveway. I found it when I almost stepped on it. Screaming and jumping followed this discovery.
And yesterday it was raining so hard that a squirrel took refuge on our porch (first picture). Normally when animals do that, they hide under a chair - but this particular squirrel jumped up on our couch--right in front of the window! He surprised us a bit--and came back every time the rain grew heavy (which happened most of the day).

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