Aug 25, 2009

35mm SLR - first photos

I was FINALLY able to take some photos with the 35mm SLR that Craig lent me!  I took them to CVS to get them developed.  After failing twice, I was thankful to find that there were actually photos on my film!   Unfortunately I discovered that the film had been damaged while it was going back into the canister (or whatever it's called).  So when I went back to pickup my photos, my coworker Amy talked to me about the damaged film and we decided to try running it through the machine anyway.
Thankfully the machine took the film even though the edges were almost completely torn off.  A lot of my photos didn't turn out, but here are some of the best ones--but I will post more soon.  I am hoping that after seeing these photos, I will be able to modify the way I am using the camera in order to get the effect that I am after.
We'll see how it goes, I obviously have some work to do--but keep in mind that the scanned photos are not as good as the original photo anyway.
Again, the photos posted are a few of the ones that actually turned out the way I wanted - in one way or another.  (although a few of them still have issues that I'm looking into)

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