Aug 4, 2009


Craig lent me his 35mm SLR!  I need one for my photo class this fall and I was hoping to find one that I could buy or rent for fairly cheap, but thankfully I was able to talk to Craig and he said I could use his for free!
I'm really excited!  I've been carrying it around with me EVERYWHERE! haha, I feel like such a kid.
I can take totally different photos with this camera than with my digital.  Hopefully the photos that I've taken will turn out.  I would be bummed if none of them turned out.  And absolutely clueless as to how to continue--but I guess that is what my class is for!
Hopefully some photos will be posted soon!

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alex said...

I took that class and really liked it. I'm sure with your talent that you'll get even more out of it.