Feb 26, 2010

Weekend with the Girls

I am currently sitting with my best friends in Mandie's basement (she counts as one of my best friends in case it wasn't obvious). Tomorrow the 4 of us are going to see Beauty and the Beast the Musical! We bought the tickets in December and have been so excited ever since! I have been truly geeked! Every time the movie is mentioned or a song is played (from the movie of course) I get super excited—and now it's finally TIME! Well... tomorrow it will be time :)
The car ride here was crazy. It has been snowing for ages, heavy and wet, making the roads hazardous. Needless to say, there was a lot of silent prayer being lifted by yours truly. But it was great just knowing that even if we did get into an accident, we would be going somewhere SO MUCH better! We are all completely in love with our Savior and it was just comforting to know that if one of us died we wouldn't have to wonder.
That being said, I am also glad that we made it safe! I am just so thankful for the friends I have! High school was... long and, well... hard! I never would have guessed that I would be spending a weekend with 1 great friend, let alone 3! God really answered all of the prayers that I sobbed all through high school.

So thankful :)
So very, very, very thankful!

ps. the way Becky "bowls" on the Wii is the funniest thing I have ever seen!


Hillary said...

Fact: gotta see the bowling hehe

Ms.Lo said...

So glad you're having fun!

Ms.Lo said...

Details. We need details.