Feb 1, 2010

Chinese Food and Banshees

Well, I have now successfully completed my 3rd day of the new semester.
And I am still alive! haha, of course it is not very hard yet—but adjusting to the new schedule is a little crazy as well as listening to all of the crazy-hard assignments that the professors continually threaten us will is enough to throw anyone into a nervous break down. But I am now done with classes for the day with only homework to occupy my thoughts before non-school related activities finally draw me away from my newly attained books.
So with an intimidating to-do list and a fresh mind, I immediately sat down to write a new post. Rather typical I am afraid to say...
But it has been an interesting past 24. Starting with a visit from my dear mom and sister :) We always have a blast when we get together, talking and laughing, and this time was no exception! We truly out did ourselves and I am sure everyone in Pizza Hut was annoyed with the sounds of our obnoxious laughter (often compared to a banshee).
We returned with just enough time for me to get ready for some special visitors. A small group of students from CHINA won a drama competition and as part of their reward, they get to spend 5 days here in Arborshire. Emily and I were asked to host them in our room, letting them use our beds and guiding them through the dorm life. We agreed to do it and are now living on the futon for about a week.
Emily agreed not to kick me as long as I did not 'wet the bed'. Thankfully we are not in the habit of doing either :)
Our girls are named (American names) "Gloria" and "Mia". They are both beautiful, very sweet, about 16 years old and can hardly speak English! It is truly crazy. They can speak enough so that we can usually understand what they are saying after a few minutes, but once in a while there are some crazy mix-ups. After struggling to say my name for about half an hour, we decided that I was to be called "Trina".
It's really cute to hear them read English—in fact I have a poem on my board that they were reading, but unfortunately it is a play on words so they didn't understand it! I had to explain that 'alonio' = 'alone', but that it was changed to rhyme with 'Antonio' just like half the words in the poem.
Oh goodness.
This morning was also a little strange—getting ready in our little room with 3 awake and 1 asleep is rough, especially when the only other person who speaks must English is the one who is still in bed! We eventually got out the door and I sprinted to class after making sure they got to their meeting place without any trouble.

Then after Chapel I was mixed up and almost went all the way to one of my Tuesday/Thursday classes! I remembered just in time, and turning around I walked back to the building I had already passed and into room SMC 110. I'm brilliant.

Well, now I should get back to that homework I have been putting off... Hopefully another post will be up shortly!

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Ms.Lo said...

We did have fun on our visit, didn't we?

Life is good.