Jan 28, 2010

Spring — 2010

It has begun.

Spring Semester is already here and constant feeing of a fast paced agenda has already begun to swell within me. I feel almost like I used to when I was getting ready for a race: The blocks are set in the right position, my muscles are loose and the gun is loaded!!
I've just finished taking a warm up lap across the craziest stretch of the track of my week. Thursdays will not be my favorite day. But it will still be good :)
Not only do I have the full load of credits this semester—which feels like a weight added to my spikes—but I also have a job on campus now. I'm really excited about my job, even though it's just cleaning crew... but it is in the art department and should eventually lead to a more enjoyable position :) But right now I'm really excited for a chance to serve those around me. To give more assistance to those in the art department than I have been able to previously.
The stress is mounting, but I can tell that it is going to be a great semester—though I can already see the future holds a few breathless moments, I've been training for this and I will cross the finish line!
My spikes are at the blocks,
my hands on the line,
and the gun is in the air.

Deep breath.

Here we go.

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Hillary Bartoszek said...

It will be a great one!