Jan 1, 2010

Helping Paul

Something I began to muse during my devo this afternoon:
Why do we always ask God to show us what our task is while we are here on Earth? In a way, we seem to expect him to navigate us from the passenger seat, while we take the steering wheel and perform the 'mighty task' that He has left for us. Rather heroic and exciting, but faulty from my point of view. God is the driver, there is no question about that—He has command of the car and He alone will perform the stunts. We are to help him throughout the 'road trip of life'.
But how do we know that our task in life is not as simple and small as turning the radio down? Or opening a window? Or reminding someone else to buckle up? We cannot all be the Pauls, and brush the snow off the car, making it easier for others to see, or push the car out of the mud. 
Some of us are here for the 'little' jobs. But these small jobs are no less important! What would have become of Paul—or the Church—if God had not provided people would could give him food? Or encourage him with something as small as a kind word and a smile? We cannot assume that God has a brilliantly elaborate plan for us alone—the Author is much too talented for that (and sorry, but the heroic main character position is already taken: Jesus Christ)! We might be here to give a single hug to a Paul—right when it's needed.
I've been praying, almost daily, for God to show me his will for my life.  What his purpose for me is, and what I should do with my life in order to glorify him. As a college student, it is particularly frustrating, I feel pressured as I make the decisions that will effect, and change, my entire life. I question daily if what I am doing is the most I could give to Christ. I struggle to find out how I could be the snowplow—going strongly before Christ, clearing the way for Him. But now I can see that just because I'm a Christian, doesn't mean that I have to be a Paul. I could be a young boy, with 5 loaves of bread, and 2 fish—or even the mother who gave him the food, or the merchant who provided.
Am I 'distended' for the mission field? I haven't the slightest idea! But even if I am not, I know that my job here is no less important—even if all I do is allow a fellow passenger to lean on my shoulder and snore in my ear before he/she continues with his own task.

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Hillary Bartoszek said...

Wow thanks love for sharing that its so true.