Jan 17, 2010

Perfect Timing

I love how God works.
Well... not always while he is working, but in the long run it's great to see how thorough He is—he thinks of everything! I also love the perfectly small and wonderful things that He does.
I've been worrying about life. Which is nothing unusual for me. It's a major battle that I face everyday: to give up my planning and allow God to just take over.
I like my ducks all in a row, but there are some rebellious ones amongst my brood!
Anyway, the past 2 days have been particularly awful—worst of all last night. When I'm nervous or excited, I get sick to my stomach. Not fun, and sometimes it keeps me up at night (let's just say, the first week of Freshmen year was rough!). So after a sleepless night, I was in no mood to get ready for church, let alone walk across campus in the cold to get there.
But God was at work the entire time—I started to feel physically better as I started to wake up and the message in Logos (the Sunday school I attend) was great! Just what I needed.
We are going through Exodus (ch 3-4 this week) and it's crazy to see how God has every little detail planned out! I mean, everything! And whatever God told Moses, it happened. And it happened exactly as He said it would.
Even Moses' education had been taken care of—40 years as a prince of Egypt had provided the best education possible. Paul is another example—he was trained as a Pharisee, so he was an accomplished speaker, he knew the scriptures well, he was a Roman citizen (which saved his life in many situations) as well as a Jew (which allowed him to go into the inner sections of the temple/synagogues)!
And yet I still worry??? That's craziness! It opened my eyes a little—I hope that when the occasion arises I will say "Here I am. Send me!"(Isaiah 6:8b) rather than 'Here I am... send Aaron!" Knowing that God has everything planned out and has been preparing me for my entire life!

And to top it off—mom got me a great devotional for everyday. It's short, has a topic and a response, but it's great for the crazy days. And today's topic was "Future" No way!
And of course, it reminded me that God is in control! Thank goodness cuz I do a crummy job when I try to take over! "For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the Lord. "plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope" (Jeremiah 29:11—NASV)

Well... I needed that!


Hillary Bartoszek said...

I <3 you Katrina! Thanks for sharing I love reading your thought :)

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