Jan 1, 2010

Clouds, Color, a Ship, and an Art Major

I love this photo and I've been waiting for an excuse to use it—but it has been 6 months and I'm sick of waiting! So, until further notice this photo will be posted on it's own, with only a simple note, describing my love for it.
I love this photo because of the color and the clouds :) My heart melts when beautiful cloud formations dance with color like this. I also love it because I was there (Lake Michigan) with my family. It was our final time together before I went back to SAU. I also like the detail on the ship and how dark it is in contrast to the rest of the photo, drawing your eye directly to it.


Hillary Bartoszek said...

<3<3<3 this pic!

becky said...

Katrina! It is a completely beautiful picture.

I love it!

alex said...

this pic is awesome

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks guys!