Jan 18, 2010


Though there was no frost on my window pane—I was bewitched by the way it had settled on the trees outside my window. It was very quieting, the way a fresh blanket of snow inevitably silences the world underneath it. Unfortunately there is no fresh snow, just frost—but it is beautiful just the same.

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Diane said...

That reminds me - this last week I saw the most gorgous sight I've seen in a long time. Its been really cold here...and we'd just gotten back from Michigan so I had to wash the car (road salt!). Anyway, I guess it was still a little wet when we went to bed becasue in the morning I went out...and the MOST beautiful frost had descended on it. It was almost 3d - like little palm leaves reaching out at angles from the car. I actually made the kids come out in their stocking feet to see it (they had a snow day) before I left for the day.