Sep 13, 2010

The Artist's Prayer

I stole this from my professor, who apparently stole it from Joan Larsen (2008).

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the artistic abilities you have given me. The vein of creativity in me has sometimes been wide as a river, and other times as narrow as a thread.
With your divine guidance, I ask that you would open my mind and heart to the creativity you planted in me from before I was born.
May my art work be an inspiration to others, but more importantly, always be honoring to you.

I just might have to add this to my morning rutine. My artistic abilities have always been extremely important to me—and losing them, or not being 'good enough', one of my greatest fears. But as I learned last year (and continue to learn), it is when I finally give over my gifts and talents that God can really use them and further my growth.
Creativity has always been my weakness. Sometimes I wonder if I even have creativity as wide as the thread that Larsen claimed was so narrow... I've found myself praying something similar to the second line many times, though hardly as well said. That will always be a struggle for me, but a positive attitude, constant prayer and hard work will go a long way :)
Here's to an awesome semester of growth!

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