Sep 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Today has been very strange in the Arborshire. Some thoughts of the day included:

"I wish I was one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Then I would be able to make the bed by using my wand!"

"You know it's a dull day when you get excited about using new soap"

"Don't you hate it when you can only breath out of one nostril?"

"I don't even have time to die!!"

"I do dishes when I don't feel like doing homework" (dirty dishes don't last long in our room...)

Also, the fire alarm went off and I was in my pajamas... and it was raining outside! haha, oh well, at least this year I wasn't in the shower!

Oh Monday, how thankful I am that you are almost over...

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Hillary said...

hey so about the dishes thing - um if you'd like to relive some stress or avoid homework I may be able to provide hours of fun hehe :P