Apr 20, 2011

Contracts and Toilet Paper

I love my roommates and all the fun we have together—here is one of our typical facebook conversations::

I would like to draw your attention to the beginning of this school year when the four of us roommates created an agreement, a contract really. In said contract, we specified that the toilet paper would always be put so as to fold OVER the roll, as opposed to under.
However, the toilet paper that is currently on the roll is folding under. Because I myself did not change it, and Mandie and Emily have been away, it is clear that you are the guilty party. I regret to inform you that you are in violation of your contract and must therefore leave the room. 

To which she replied::

K! (add snap and head shake),
whoever was the one that put the toilet paper on top of the toilet paper holder instead of changing it and putting it on the roll is also in violation of the contract. because as i remember we did not agree on that my dear sweet sweet K :) I was only being the responsible roommate and friend by putting it in it's correct spot. I am very sorry for putting the roll folded over the other way, i kinda forgot about that..lol! 
You still love me anyway and i will not leave the room cause you would miss me too much :) ♥

And of couse I had to agree to the last statement—I love that girl :)

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