Apr 16, 2011

Brushing Hair for Jesus

If you haven't heard of Beth Moore, then you need to start researching—she is a wonderfully challenging woman of God.  She's honest about her struggles against God, but when she gives in to His will, amazing things happen!  (duh, when God's in it, it will be amazing)  And not only does Beth Moore share her experiences, but they are absolutely hilarious!  Tears streaming down my face, I'm both entertained and encouraged to continue following where God leads—even when it's incredibly random and strange!

But I am so thankful that she is willing to share her experiences and her weak moments with other Christians—it's such an encouragement, and a CRAZY challenge.  Jesus is "the bossiest thing", but He knows what he's doing.

I'm just itching to start the Paul study that mom got me! 

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Pollards4 said...

Thanks for sharing this post about Beth Moore Katrina! I've learned so much from her and her humor and honesty certainly does leave tears streaming down my face. Dawn