Sep 2, 2011


Well, I've spent the past week and a half slowly unpacking from camp life, and repacking for school life.  Back to the Arborshire on Monday.  I can't believe it's here so fast, though technically, the last time I moved in this late on move-in week was my Freshmen year.  The past two years have featured an early move in so that I could hang out with friends help the incoming Freshmen move into their new abodes.  It's almost poetic how many similarities there are this year with my Freshmen year.  I'm finding myself concerned as I move back for the final time.  Soon, I will be starting a new adventure, and I have mixed feelings on the entire idea.  I have loved school, though the pressure mixed with this upcoming year has me on pins and needles, and the thought of being done is exciting—but still scary!  I'm also not in love with the idea of leaving home—more than I have been since my first year.  While I would have to find more things to occupy myself if I were to stay home much longer, I love being here with my family and the idea of leaving has left me a little irritated.  Being an hour and a half away from the boyfriend doesn't help either :(

I mean, really, how could I be anxious to leave these lovely people?!

But I am going to be living in a house this year, and with some really awesome girls!  We already have a lot to be excited about as one of the girls is engaged, and we expect another to be in a short time :)  How fun it will be to spend this time with them—to be able to enjoy their company and help them get ready before they start their next adventure.
It will be good, it really will.
I am excited.  Just a little nervous.  A little extra prayerful.

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