Sep 29, 2011

Waterslide Event Poster

Here is my first poster design of the semester!  Feedback is MORE than welcome, in fact, it is required :)  This piece is headed towards my final portfolio and, hopefully, my senior show! So please be brutal, I really want to improve and finish this piece soon.

Oh, and the background isn't supposed to be that horrid green color—it's really a mid-dark robin's egg blue

Concerns: The heading "Waterslide!", is supposed to be easily seen, but on the distracting background (which is a mid-tone, so doesn't show up as well), I'm afraid that it doesn't have the emphasis it needs.
Also concerned with the information—had fun with it, but is it too distracting?
Feedback please!

Hopefully more work soon :)

1 comment:

Ms.Lo said...

I totally love that.

Did you spell Madox right? I've seen it "Maddox" before, but probably more than one way to spell it.