Jun 21, 2012

Not So Much, Sleeping Beauty!

Lately I've begun having wedding dreams again.  It's funny, I'm really not worried about the wedding itself at all.
Will it all go smoothly?
Probably not.
Do we have back-up plans?
Will it make everyone happy?
Likely not, but honestly, the purpose of the wedding is to CELEBRATE with Todd, myself and our families—if you're not happy with how we did something, then you are free to leave.

But regardless, every dream that I've had lately has something to do with the wedding—the other night Sienna (Maid of Honor) and I had to sneak into the school across the street because Connor and Hunter needed different shoe sizes for the wedding.  Connor also wanted some snacks and I remember being a little irritated because the snacks I found contained soy, and I can't have soy!  So I wasn't going to get a snack at the wedding.

In one of my dreams last night there was a thrift store / game show with wedding items all laid out. Todd and I were desperately trying to figure out what we needed (apparently there was a timer or something?) and not having very good luck.  Our confusion was growing by the moment!  And I don't really remember anything else, just confusion and trying to listen to everyone give advice all at once.

And it has been so hot lately that sleeping hasn't been as "sweet" lately.  I'm used to sleeping through the night but now I'm waking up and tossing around and thinking over my weird-o dreams.  Honestly, I'm more worried about being a good wife after the wedding, about finding a job and being able to do everything that needs to be done as an *adult*, and just adjusting to a new life!  I mean, I'm excited about it and even impatient at times, but I am also nervous... it's a new adventure!

It's been good, and I'm far from dreading it—I don't want to give that impression!  Just the close date, and the reality beginning to hit about the change that is coming!  Experiencing some "firsts" and "lasts" now—last dental appointment under Dad's insurance... first bridal shower (picture above)... last time living entirely at home... first letter with "Mr. & Mrs. Crouch" referring to me!... first time moving items into "our apartment"(still packaged—he's not allowed to use them until we're married, lol)...

Only about 16 more days!

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Emily Smith said...

loving all these post graduation posts, but also finding myself getting a little stressed for you lol. buttt... not too much longer before the big day! super excited for you two. you katriana are definitely super=WOman for juggling your post grad life. props to you:)